Email Marketing

Email Marketing isn’t just a valuable asset. It’s an indispensable cornerstone for any business. Presently, Radicati‘s estimations reveal a staggering 4 billion email users, projected to surge to 4.371 billion users by 2023 – a scale that surpasses Facebook’s combined services users at 2.7 billion.

Impressively, the daily email correspondence amounts to 293 billion messages, with an anticipated increase to 347 billion by 2023. In contrast, Facebook’s organic reach stands at a modest 6% of total followers, whereas the global average email open rate stands significantly higher at 20.81%.

Social Media Platforms

Relying solely on Social Media exposes you to the caprices of individuals like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. These platforms merely accommodate you, they don’t grant ownership. Your smart move is to invest in a self-owned platform, such as an email list – an asset exclusively yours.

Unlike rented spaces on social platforms, an email list is your sovereign territory. The reasons to embrace email marketing are manifold, as outlined above.

We’re not advocating detachment from social media; each channel holds its purpose. However, if email isn’t integrated into your marketing strategy yet, hesitate no more – take the plunge!

Subscribe to an Email Marketing platform

This constitutes the initial stride. To execute email marketing effectively, enlisting in an online platform equipped with such services is imperative.

From this juncture, all facets are streamlined. This encompasses email accumulation, storage, statistical analysis, message tracking, automation establishment, and beyond.

Now, the query arises:

“Can’t I employ Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Hotmail for email dispatch?”

The retort is a definitive “No.”

To elucidate further, while it’s plausible, complications shall arise.

Take Gmail, the preferred choice for many. Were you cognizant of its cap on daily emails sent and received, set at a mere 500 ? Exceeding this, and your account faces suspension until the following day.

Likewise, Yahoo adheres to a 300-email limit, and Hotmail follows suit.

The rationale behind such restrictions by email providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) is to forestall spam inundation.

Furthermore, employing Gmail precludes email tracking capabilities. Insights into email opens, clicks, and website visits remain elusive.

Contrastingly, an “Email Marketing Platform” conveniently furnishes you with these data points.

Thus, for earnest commitment to email marketing, subscription to such a platform is imperative. Costs span 10-20€ for 2000 email addresses, scaling as your list expands.

Constructing an Email Roster

For transmitting email missives, email addresses are the bedrock, as logic dictates. Yet, how does one amass them? First and foremost, let’s establish a clear stance.

Under no circumstances should you EVER procure pre-fabricated email listings. Doing so jeopardizes your repute, standing, and future email dispatching privileges.

Besides the legal ramifications entailed by GDPR, the pragmatic aspect warrants attention. Acquired emails could be fictitious, and those that do materialize stand a high likelihood of descending into SPAM territory. This outcome stems from recipients (who are unfamiliar with you) promptly relegating your messages there. This predicament is one to vehemently avoid, for a soaring SPAM marker from recipients could invariably consign all your forthcoming emails to oblivion. In unequivocal terms, refrain from this course of action.

A Superior Approach Exists

This entails soliciting permission. Herein lies the essence—compelling individuals to willingly proffer their emails, thus enabling them to access your newsletters, offers, and more.

The modus operandi:

  1. Conceive a valuable giveaway (an opt-in incentive). This could encompass an eBook, a rebate voucher, complimentary advisory sessions, contest participation, and the like.
  2. Erect a dedicated landing page on your website. This repository shall furnish comprehensive details and house an email submission form, facilitating receipt of your antecedent’s “opt-in incentive.”
  3. Enlist with an email marketing platform (aforementioned insight).

Visual Pro

In the event that these procedures appear intricate or if the time and inclination requisite elude you, an alternative path beckons. Engage a service provider like Visual Pro, poised to shoulder the responsibility of methodically and efficiently assembling your personalized email roster. This paves the way for inaugurating your Email Marketing stratagem.