Social Media Management

Social Media Management is something that businesses are increasingly realizing its crucial importance now. Technology is constantly bringing changes to our lives, but also new opportunities for businesses. Apart from websites, one of them is social media and proper/advanced management of it is not a game.

That’s why a specialist, a social media manager, has become one of the most important digital marketing specialties for small and big businesses.

What does social media management mean and what exactly does a manager do?

Well, if your business is not using social media or not utilizing it to its full potential, then you are missing out on valuable opportunities.

So today we’re going to look at why this specialty is valuable and how important it is to get social media management right.

Social media and business

Social media is now a part of everyone’s life and it doesn’t take much research to understand this.

After all, you’ve probably noticed, even on a walk around, that people often log into their profiles.

The intensive use of social media makes it a powerful means of communication for businesses.

But what exactly do they help them with?

A business can use social media to build relationships with its audience, stand out from competitors, increase its brand awareness and find new customers.

But let’s let the data speak for itself:

A related survey, showed that 90% of marketers, see social media, influencing business sales.

In fact, Facebook itself (now Meta), tells us that one in three users, visits a local business’s page at least once a week.So, social networks seem to be able to boost the online presence of businesses and therefore, contribute to their growth.

Social Media Manager – What is it?

A social media manager, is an expert in social media management, the management of your business profile on social media through social media marketing techniques and tools.

Now let’s look at it in simpler terms:

It is the professional who is in charge of social media management for a business account, in order to develop the online presence of the business and achieve its goals.

Quite often, he or she uses specific social media promotion tools or a specific software and possesses specific digital skills.

He or she may work as a freelance freelancer or be with a digital marketing agency.

What are the duties of a social media manager ?

A social media manager, is responsible for the effective handling of a business’s business accounts.

His main duties are:

Creating a strategy

If there is no plan, you will not be able to effectively implement the goals of your business.
So this plan, that is, the strategy, is defined by the social media manager.

Some of what it may contain:

  • Channel selection: If your business doesn’t have a profile yet, the manager will choose which social networks suit your business. If your business is not selected, then your company will be chosen by your company. e.g. Instagram, Meta, Linkedin etc.
  • Posting plan: what content your business will post to match its audience.
  • Brand style: what style of posts will be written in, the “colour palette” that will match your brand etc.
  • Competition analysis: What are your competitors doing well? How are they leveraging social media ? The manager will research this to act accordingly.
  • Measuring and analyzing data: a strategy, can be continuously improved through monitoring the data (insights) of your account.

Content creation and organization

The right content, is extremely important to connect with your audience and grab their attention.

Just think about how much information there is on social media and how many posts you see every day.

The social media manager, will create the plan and the content itself, for your business.

That is, the text, graphics (images, videos) and hashtags that each post will contain.

He also organizes the content with a so-called “content calendar”, where he creates and posts about important commercial days, such as Black Friday.


An important part of social media marketing, are the ads.

A social media specialist, will be able to run targeted advertising campaigns, with all the necessary elements to grab the attention of users.

Each campaign, may even have a different purpose, depending on the goals of your business.

Saving time

What do we mean by this?

Social media management takes time. Time that you have to give from other activities.

So, an expert can take care of all of the above, so that you can focus purely on running your business.

To sum up, now you can understand that Social Media Management is no joke. It is a very important point for the proper promotion of your business and you need to take it very seriously as well as the person where you will manage your social media image.

How do you find your own social media management expert ?

Now you know exactly what a social media expert is and what he or she does.

The next big question is:

How do I find the right one?

The best thing to do is to Google and find an experienced and specialized social media management agency like Visual Pro and check out other profiles that work with them. Social Media Management is as mentioned above one of the most important elements of the business