What Are Brand & Branding and Why They Are Important For Every Business in 2022?

Who among us in recent years hasn’t heard the terms brand & branding ? Those engaged in the realm of businesses undoubtedly utilize them almost daily. Yet, do they truly grasp their exact significance?

Let’s delve into these two concepts!

What is Brand?

According to the American Marketing Association, “brand” is defined as a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a product or service of an organization or individual and sets it apart in the marketplace.

In the past, the term “trademark” was used to designate the name of a product, a company, or a service. What we now term as “trademark.” Additionally, it was employed to specify a unique product name that belonged to a general product category but differed in terms of materials used. This is what’s universally known as a “brand name.”

What is Branding?

It’s the way a customer perceives the product or service provided. It’s the sensation they experience when encountering a company’s name, even the mental images and thoughts that arise. It’s intertwined with the promises a company makes through its products or services.

However, many even today misunderstand the comprehensive processes and intricacies encapsulated by this term, often equating it solely with a company’s logo.

If someone were to ask for a straightforward explanation, we could say that it’s the identity and personality of a company, akin to a living organism that evolves and adapts.

From a company’s name to its strategic approaches, all the way to the products it sells and the systematic promotion it employs, everything constitutes branding.

Why is Branding Significant?

Competition among businesses is now undeniably fiercer than ever and continuously escalating. For a company to establish itself in its sector based on its field of expertise, engaging in branding and managing its identity is imperative.

A company that manages to seamlessly intertwine its name with its products and services in the minds of the public, becoming the first thought when customers seek a particular item, has effectively executed its branding strategy. Brands are fashioned within the consumer’s heart.

Similarly, when the audience recognizes a company primarily by its products, distinguishing them through the unique identity and distinctiveness that sets them apart from the rest of the market, that business has succeeded in ideal branding.

Branding Determines the Value of a Name

The recognizability of a company is a factor affected by the strategies it employs, directly contributing to its success, as it can translate into value. The reputable image promised by a successful and dynamic branding strategy is a precursor to increasing a company’s overall value. This is why some advocate assigning financial value to the very name.

Customer Trust

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You’re interested in acquiring Product X, but before proceeding with the purchase, you conduct market research. No matter how much research you conduct or the information you gather, the likelihood is that you’ll end up purchasing the desired product from a company you were already acquainted with, a company whose merchandise you’re familiar with and are fully informed about its branding. In essence, the branding strategy of the company has instilled confidence in you.

Welcome to the Realm of Marketing

At this juncture, let’s clarify that branding precedes marketing. It pertains to the strategy a company must adopt, while marketing pertains to the tactics a company must employ to implement that strategy. In essence, both influence the target audience. Undoubtedly, branding and the strategy a company adopts, play a pivotal role in how customers perceive it and what results are achieved in terms of brand value and, in the long run, the success of the company.

In a world revolving around marketing, brand & branding serve as the bedrock for every business.

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